Landscaping and lawn cleaning
Covenant Greens landscaping provides fall and spring landscaping and lawn cleaning services.
Planting trees and shrubs
Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care service provide planting services during fall and spring landscaping and lawn season.
Deep Edging & Mulching
Covenant Greens landscaping, utilizes specialized landscaping tools to create deep trenches edging around flower beds and trees.
Lawn and Grass Mowing
Mowing services at Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care service start in March and ends in November.
Pruning and Hedging
Pruning involves removing overgrown, diseased, or damaged branches and leaves from trees and shrubs.
Aeration, Fertilization & Seeding
Aeration is landscaping and seasonal lawn practice that involves creating holes on the lawn with an aeration machine to alleviate soil compaction and allow nutrients, air, and water to get to the roots of the grass.
Branch & leaf collection
utilizes a leaf machine, blowers, and raking tools to remove leaves from flowerbeds around trees, on the lawn, and along the roadside.
Weeds can take away the beauty from flower beds and the property, along with harboring harmful animals and insects in a flowerbed and around trees.
Snow Removal
Covenant Greens landscaping uses a truck equipped with a snowblower to remove snow from driveways and parking lots.