Branch & leaf collection

Branch & leaf collection

Covenant Greens landscaping provides small, medium, and bulk leave removal services from October to January. Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care services utilize a leaf vacuum machine, blowers, and raking tools to remove leaves from flowerbeds around trees, on the lawn, and along the roadside. We use large leave loader trucks to haul away the leaves.

Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care services provide customers with the option of customers moving leaves to the curbside for pickup by our leave pickup service, or we could do the whole leave and branch removal process for you. Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care service recommend early leaf disposal, especially from the lawn, because left-over leaves on top of grass could damage the property.

Instead of removing leaves from the lawn, Covenant greens landscaping provides customers with the choice of “mulching” the leaves into the grass to serves as nutrients for the yard.

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