Landscaping and lawn cleaning

Landscaping and lawn cleaning


Covenant Greens landscaping provides fall and spring landscaping and lawn cleaning services.

The Fall (October – December) landscaping and lawn cleaning services include cutting perennial, shrubs, pruning trees, clean up landscaping, and lawn debris compromising left-over leaves and twigs (branches). The Fall landscaping and lawn services include pruning dead branches from Evergreen trees and shrubs.

The spring landscaping and lawn services are similar to the fall landscaping and lawn care service. Covenant Green landscaping conducts our spring landscaping service between February and March. We cut back all perennials such as ornamental grass, Liriopes, and prune trees such as crape myrtles that we missed during the fall landscaping and lawn care service for our spring landscaping service activities.

The Covenant Green landscaping crew will neatly remove broken branches and twigs from the lawn and flower beds, thereby providing a nourishing environment for early-spring blooming landscape plants such as a variety of bulbs to flourish. (See our “landscaping and lawn services tips” section for details on the importance of spring and fall landscaping and lawn care cleanups.)

Covenant Green Landscaping conducts general landscaping for both commercial and residential clients. We proudly service Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. We have many happy customers in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Bowie, Potomac, Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Rockville Maryland.


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