Planting trees and shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs

Covenant Greens landscaping and lawn care service provide planting services during fall and spring landscaping and lawn season.

If your goal is to have a new flower bed with trees and shrubs or have trees and shrubs on particular areas on your lawn, then we could help you in the process.

Covenant Greens landscaping could design a new flower bed filled with selected trees and shrubs according to customer’s needs.

Customers can rely on Covenant Greens landscaping to select proper trees and shrubs from the nursery. We can also pick up trees and shrubs selected and purchased by our customers at the nursery.

Planting around customers’ properties creates an environment where customers can relax while entertaining family and friends.

Covenant Green Landscaping regularly assists our clients by adding value to customers’ properties. Covenant Green landscaping plants sod/grass for clients during the fall and spring season.


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